As a small-business owner or CEO, there are certain issues that are more likely to concern your day-to-day operation than any possible seismic changes in the tax code or changes in intellectual property rights. For example, having a standard workflow method for HR management to reduce the administrative burden on your business means that any potential staff turnover is minimized.

Here at Vehical, we’ve learned a lot of lessons about managing our human capital over the past years. We realize that HR can be a monumental challenge for business owners, so we’ve worked hard to find ways to efficiently manage our staff, duties and schedule, and handle any contingencies. In the future, it’s hard to imagine that any type of corporate change could cause as much of a disruption to our organization as the change of appointing a new director of sales. If we can keep the same standard HR process, we’ll be better positioned to handle any type of employee exit, new hire or department reorganization.

We’ve launched a few web-based modules to streamline administrative and management processes, including our organizational chart planner. This tool allows you to quickly label your employees by job title, submit important HR forms and even review the details of your benefits plans. And through our online messaging system, you can conduct better team collaboration, take care of administrative tasks and voice issues with your management.

Each week, we update all of the items listed in the organizing chart and send detailed reports to the teams. We use Radium to secure files and email securely to stay away from our servers. And, of course, all employees on the Vehical team are eligible for company retirement plan benefits through payroll contributions.

These are the ways we go about streamlining the administrative process in our organization, which allows us to focus our full attention on creating quality customer-focused solutions.

For any small business seeking to reduce or eliminate administrative burdens and be more productive, it is essential to hire the right person to spearhead your HR strategy. My recommendation for employees and organizations is to learn the basics of getting things done with a formal HR department. Don’t treat HR like it’s just another part of your company, with a limited need for analysis and strategic planning. Instead, consider hiring a HR executive or a legal firm that can help improve your labor efficiency.

The more knowledgeable your HR team is, the more confident you’ll be about their ability to make key organizational decisions. This level of knowledge and experience will help you avoid issues such as creating an HR system that is too small, too complicated or in one area too complicated. It will also help you design workflows that make every staff member feel included and empowered.