Nutride, one of the nation’s largest health systems, utilizes the Collaboration Platform Radium as part of its effort to redefine innovation in the field of healthcare. Nutride uses Radium’s cloud-based platform to create and release custom project reports, providing easier access to vital data for the organization’s leadership and staff.

A sweeping strategic partnership between Radium and Adobe created a more seamless user experience for developers by integrating Adobe Cloud’s desktop and mobile applications with Radium to help streamline workflow and improved client experience. "Radium has been a critical partner for us since its early days to streamline our business processes and our collaboration," said Ian Griffiths, Director of IT Support at Nutride. “Today, more than ever before, customers need consistent and predictable processes. My employees expect to be productive instantly, which is why Radium is the cornerstone of our collaboration ecosystem.”

Nutride leverages Radium’s collaboration platform to create and release custom project reports and documents, and to assemble and share multiple reports from projects in real-time. The reports help executives, analysts and employees ensure an organization is aligning initiatives toward optimal performance and clinical outcomes. Nutride also uses Radium to evaluate automated events that manage quality and regulatory compliance.

Previously, planning and project approvals required a dedicated IT department. Now, all progress can be tracked and workflow completed in one site, enhancing Nutride’s ability to respond to and speed up time-sensitive projects, while reducing the amount of time employees spend updating reports and the amount of needed manual information entry.

The collaboration with Radium means that projects can now be shared and followed on multiple devices, creating an easy way for team members to share information while improving efficiency, team agility and overall productivity. “For us, the best part about collaborating with Radium is being able to be quicker with our projects,” Griffiths said. “We’re able to focus on things that we are good at, rather than other tasks. Radium is now part of every team interaction, which enhances performance and helps us stay focused.”

Into the Future

This means Nutride can be more specific about what it needs to complete projects, accelerate time to completion and measure quality and performance. “For us, integration with Adobe and Radium is all about ensuring quality and scalability in the organization,” said Mark Millar, Director of I.T. and Capacity Management, Nutride. “With systems like Radium, our end users are not just providing good quality work, but also communicating it to us. They are an essential part of the success we are seeking. The seamless integration between Adobe and Radium empowers our teams to succeed, ensuring that we can receive timely and reliable feedback, and our projects meet our respective goals.”