HBank has leveraged Radium Workflow application to streamline its strategy and sales structure in the US and enter new market segments.

Michael Marracino, product manager for revenue product management at HBank, says Radium Workflow has been instrumental in streamlining workflow in his company, by automating many routine tasks that were used by sales and finance staff.

Back Story

"We had implemented our previous vendor five years ago, to connect the supply and demand side of our supply chain. At the time, we had one customer buying from various vendors, and we had a formalised bidding process, which included process accounts and quotes. Using our previous vendor, we wanted to automate and streamline process management to achieve better execution of the bids.

"But in order to really get the process down to the right level, we wanted to develop processes and workflow to feed data into the bidding process, where we could predict transactions before they happened. Radium Workflow was the catalyst to help us develop the product," Marracino explains.

The process is now set in motion automatically and provides a more agile process, he says.

"We have automated many mundane tasks that required separate time and data mining. We are saving staff time, and the product will adapt to the new level of agreement we have built with our customers."

Radium Workflow connects to finance and accounts payable, and integrates all other processes and historical information. It helps streamline HR processes, inventory tracking, online marketing, customer service, sales and support.

Radium Workflow was developed in three phases - first by establishing goals, and second by structuring them and planning how different process elements work together. "Once we established these goals, we used the current Radium templates. The user interface is still there, but it is a little different," says Marracino.

"We use our board's previous goals, and are able to create the next series of milestones. It also helps to simplify our quality assurance processes, allowing for better accuracy when determining quality goals."

Radium also enables HBank to implement processes that anticipate the outcomes customers will expect, he says. "We've realised that customers are not so willing to pay for broken promises, because they will look at you as a liar. When companies have that trust with salespeople, then processes are easier to implement, as we can help tailor the opportunities and responsibilities with greater accuracy."


Finally, HBank can build new business, and capture new opportunities that have the potential to be larger and reach out to new customers, he says.

HBank plans to further integrate HR and finance into its CRM, with the aim of moving towards a centralised content repository.